Mobile Level 3

The fast and secure alternative to your Level 3 Card

You can now trade even faster with the Mobile Level 3 function.

With the Mobile Level 3 solution, you can place your trades at any time, even when you do not have your Level 3 Card* with you. Instead of entering the code from your Level 3 Card manually for each trade as before, a push notification is sent directly to your smartphone. All you need to do then is verify the code you received before you can place your trade immediately.

Of course, the Mobile Level 3 function can also be used to log into your account.


Activate the Mobile Level 3 function on your smartphone.


Compare the push notification code with the code on Swissquote platform.


With just one click, you can securely make a trade.

How to activate the Mobile Level 3 function



1. Select «Mobile Level 3» in the Account tab of the app.

2. Activate push notifications.



1. Select «Mobile Level 3» in the menu of the app.

2. Push notifications are automatically activated.

Trading with the Mobile Level 3 function



1. Log into your account on the trading platform.
2. Select the product you wish to trade.
3. You will be asked to enter the code from your Level 3 card. Instead, select «Authentication with Mobile Level 3».
4. The Mobile Level 3 code appears.
5. At the same time, you will receive a code on your smartphone via a push notification.
6. Compare both codes and confirm the code on your smartphone to execute your trade.
7. You can now see that your trade has been placed.

* You still need your Level 3 Card for payments and changes to your account profile.

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