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Vegetarian stocks for healthy returns

Growing awareness about health effects, environmental impacts and cruelty to animals has been motivating consumers to adopt a reduced-meat or meat-free diet. With the market continuously growing by double digits and with vegetarian products generating higher margins than their meaty counterparts do, the trend has not gone unnoticed by the major food corporations. Investing in this sector not only offers strong financial yields for your portfolio, but also generates social and ecological returns benefitting society and the environment.






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Sustainability & Impact investing



Vegetarianism Certificate

The certificate allows you to invest in companies that are likely to benefit strongly from the growth of the vegetarian trend. It covers companies that produce vegetarian products and generate at least 90% of their income from vegetarianism. The certificate enables you to make a socially responsible investment in an industry that is forecast to see continuously high growth rates for the decades to come.

Increased growth potential
Broad diversification
Professionally and actively managed
Traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange
USD 9.- flat transaction costs

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Check out our infographic and fully discover why greens are worth an investment.

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