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Bitcoin - landing page


Welcome to the world of Bitcoin


Bitcoin – the digital currency

Bitcoin has performed impressively in recent years as more and more investors discover this cryptocurrency for themselves.


Buy and sell bitcoins quickly and securely with Swissquote

We enable you to buy and sell bitcoins in USD or EUR:


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What are bitcoins (XBT)?

As the name suggests, the term Bitcoin means 'digital coin'. This virtual currency is not printed or minted and thus is not controlled by any institution.

Bitcoin is not governed by a central bank and is completely independent from monetary policy and interest rate levels. Its value is determined by supply and demand. Although bitcoins were still worth hardly anything back in 2009, they have become increasingly popular and have gained in value over the years. At mid-March 2018, they were worth about USD 8,200.

Invest in bitcoins with Swissquote today!


Transaction costs

Transaction amount (CHF equivalent) Fees (%)
5 - 10'000 1%
10'001 - 50'000 0.75%
50'001 - 500'000 0.5%

No custody fees 
No stamp tax 
No stock exchange tax


Buy and sell bitcoins with Swissquote:

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How can I trade Bitcoin?

The terms and conditions for trading are as follows:

You must hold a Swissquote trading account with cash available in EUR and/or USD. Currently, CHF is not available.

Do I have to pay custody fees?

No, custody fees are not applicable.

Where do I find the Bitcoin chart?

The performance graph is available in the Markets & Quotes page under Cryptocurrency. It is also available in the Swissquote app under Markets & Quotes > Cryptocurrencies.

Where do I see my performance?

The performance is not available for the moment. This functionality will be added at a later date.

Can I use Swissquote as a “Wallet” (transfer Bitcoin in/out or buy things with it)?

The portfolio, or Wallet, is not available. It is therefore not possible to realise transfers or acquisitions.

What is the settlement date of a Bitcoin?

Settlement is instantaneous.

Which are the Sub-custodians and Liquidity Providers used by Swissquote for Cryptocurrencies?

• Bitstamp Limited, 5 New Street Square, EC4A 3TW London, United Kingdom (for Ether, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash);

• Bitstamp Europe S.A., 10, Rue Antoine Jans, L-1820 Luxembourg, Luxembourg (for Bitcoin).

What is Swissquote’s current policy in relation to the treatment of Hard Forks and similar events?

While the treatment of Hard Forks and similar events (incl. "airdrops" and other token allocation events) is uncertain from a legal and practical perspective, Swissquote’s current policy in this regard is to make its best efforts to have its concerned clients benefit from such events, the way Swissquote deems appropriate. For more details, please refer to the Cryptocurrencies Trading Contract, in particular article 6, and to Swissquote’s communication on Bitcoin and Hard Forks dated 13 November 2017.


Risk warning: Trading bitcoins carries a high risk of loss of your invested capital and could even result in a total loss. You should only invest funds that you can afford to lose in whole or in part. The bitcoins offered for trading on Swissquote.ch are not suitable for all investors. You must therefore ensure that you fully understand the risks associated with trading bitcoins and obtain advice from an independent and qualified person or institution where necessary before starting to trade. Any personal past performance when trading bitcoins is in no way indicative of future success.

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